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We started our journey in the tourism and hospitality industry in the year 2012. Today we are a group of people with more than 10 years’ experience and are able to cope with any challenges that are given to us in the tourism and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. We are a group of talented professionals and our ability to communicate and provide services in multiple languages is our strength.

Our wide range of services includes luxury transport services around Sri Lanka with private vehicle tours or group vehicle tours, Hotel accommodations, Professional guide services, Safari, Camping, Hiking, Rafting, Surfing, Train journey and other adventure activities. If you are looking for traditional Ayurveda treatments, to learn about healing methods and practice yoga as a professional or learn as a beginner, then VIP LANKA TOURS is the right place for you. We have knowledgeable people to guide you and support you during your holiday stay in Sri Lanka.

We create customized tour plans according to our clients' needs, or you can choose one of our tour products also. Our ultimate goal is to provide a great tour plan with unforgettable memories in Sri Lanka. Client satisfaction, value for money, and a unique experience are all we work as a team to achieve during your stay on the beautiful island. Thank you……

VIP Tours Lanka

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Why the company is so special

VIP TOURS LANKA is a special company in many aspects. Starting for our team, they are a young, talented team who challenge themselves every day in order to be the best in the industry. Our experience in the industry is the other benefit we have on our bucket list. Next are our unique tour plans, which we created for our valuable clients. In order to do so, we combine our experiences with the current needs of modern travelers. Our smiling clients will give you the correct message about our company and what we do.

Our unique selling points

Our unique selling points will provide you an idea of what we are good at and our speciality in the tourism and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. This unique selling point leads to the wide range of services we provide and services that fulfill each and every traveler's needs during their stay in Sri Lanka.
10+ Experience
100% trusted travel
Local Experience
Group Tours

Our Services

We, VIP TOURS LANKA, herewith provide you with a wide range of services we can provide during your holiday stay in Sri Lanka. We have categorized it into the main key services. But please let us know if you have other ideas than this and we are more than happy to help you and provide you with the required services.
Tailor Made Tours
Hotel Reservation
Wildlife Safari
Hiking & Trekking
Train Tickets
Whale Watching
Eco Tours
Group Tours
Air Transport

VIP Tours Lanka

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